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How to make a Christmas Door Wreath

How to make a Christmas Door Wreath

This Step-by-step guide to making a Christmas door wreath is so simple and fun! Easy to make, and a great activity for a cold winters eve.


Assemble materials.  You will need:
  1. A circular wire frame (12” or 14”)
  2. A reel of mossing wire or twine
  3. Stub wires
  4. Bag of sphagnum moss
  5. Blue spruce


A. Spread the moss out on your work surface and remove any twigs and leaves.  Then take a bundle and roll into a ‘sausage’ shape.  Hold it firmly against the wire frame making sure the moss is tightly packed.  Attach the mossing wire securely to the wire frame, and begin to secure the moss by wrapping wire round the bundle.  Always work in one direction, just adding more bundles of moss as you go.  When the ring is complete firmly attach the end of the mossing wire to the frame. With a pair of scissors trim away any straggly and untidy bits of moss.

B. Create hairpins by folding the stub wires as shown.

C. Cut the pine and sort pieces into 3 piles, small/fine, medium and large/thicker pieces.
Begin to pin the pine onto the wreath working in a clockwise direction using the small pieces for the inner side of the ring, the larger pieces for the outer ring. Finally use the medium sized and best looking pieces in the middle.  When inserting pins ensure they are at an angle to avoid them coming through the back of the wreath.

D. To create a strong loop for hanging. Take a length of binding wire and fold in half, thread the lose ends under the wreath and through the middle of the two wires creating a loop. Pull tightly. Take the two loose wires, and tie a knot two inches from the base. Snip off any excess wire.

The completed wreath. For that extra touch decorate your wreath with baubles, pine cones and even dried fruit. Use stubbing pins to secure, as shown in steps 2 and 3.